Karteeka Deepotsava Sri Kanuyuru Swamiji's Poje Sri Adamaru Sri and Sri Pejavara Sri Puje Sri Palimaru Sri Puje 34th Pratishtapana day Sri Sode Swamiji's Puje Sri Bannje Govindacharya Sri Mysore Ramachandracharya Sri Vidyabhushanaru
10th Sept 2017 (Sunday)

Sri Hari is Supreme , This world is true, there is a difference between each and every living entity in this world, all the living entities are dependent on Sri hari, Ultimate joy lies in the Mukti and mukti can be attained by gaining Bhakti. Pratyaksha(Direct observation), Anumana(Prediction) and Agama(Vedas) are indeed the real Evidence. Hari is to be perceived in His nature through the holy scriptures and only through them
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