DELHI STATE ( INDRAPRASTHA – The abode of the King of God Indra.)

Legend says that Sri Krishna got it built by the help of Viswakarma the architect of the Devas and named it Indraprastha. This name is being used even now still for a part of old Delhi. It was once the capital city of Yudhistira during the Mahabharat time, The Pandavas not only cleared the area but also built a city which excelled Indranagiri of Devendra. This part of the Delhi has played a pivotal role in Indian history ever since the epic of Mahabharat 5000 years ago. It is known to have been demolished seven times and rebuilt the same number of times. New Delhi was built later by the British after 1911. The buildings seen today reflect the most modern architecture. It is similarly city of Muslim monuments ,But the Hindu piligrims can see and visit some of the Hindu places of worship and some of the monuments of Hindu creation

  1. The Lakshminarayana temple.
  2. Yogamata Mandir.
  3. Iron-piller(Mehrauli)
  4. Akshardam temple ( swami narayan sect )
  5. Metro rail
  6. Chattarpur temple
  7. The Lotus temple

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(Vaishnava Mutts )
1. Sri Krishna Mandir, Safdurjung enclave,
Ph. No. : 011-26109648

2. Sri Raghavendra swamy Mutt, R.K.Puram, Moti Bagh,
Ph.No. 011-26172892

3. Sri Pejawar mutt , Vasant Kunj
Ph. No. 011 - 5593 6632.

4. Karnataka Bhavan / karnataka sangha near motibagh rayara mutt.

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